Sound Bytes

Presented here for your listening pleasure, a samplin’ of Cloverbottom sounds.

These are mp3’s and you’ll need some kind of player on your machine.

You can save all of them except Nuclear War. You can only listen to it.

Just click on the song title.

Nuclear WarWritten by Johnny and Rock, this is from the “Anarchy In Music City” e.p. It was recorded in the fall of 1979 and vinyl finally hit the streets in early ’80. The lineup is Rock, Johnny, and El.

Cottage Cheeseheads - Also from the Anarchy e.p. Rock wrote it, and Johnny gave it its title.

Life Is A Game - Another song from the Anarchy e.p. Rock wrote the words and most of the music. Johnny pitched in on a few of the changes to, in his words at the time, keep it from sounding too much like Bad Motor Scooter.

Anarchy In Music City - Anarchy In Music City – The title cut from the e.p. The lyrics might seem a bit dated, but the sentiment is as valid as ever.

BatteryThis is from the 1981 Praxis Records release “Never In Nashville”. Four bands, four songs. This was our contribution. The lineup is Rock, Johnny, and Bryan.

Daily NewsBryan wrote this gem and sings lead. It was recorded live at Cantrell’s on April 20, 1984. The lineup is Rock, Johnny, Bryan, and El.