January 2008

Plans are to revise the “Contact” page of the site to include individual band member contact info, but until that happens, here are email addresses for Bryan, Rock and Johnny.
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Here’s the latest news from Spat! Records concerning the Return To Elliston Square final track listing.

Just wanted to let everyone know that Return To Elliston Square 1979-1989 will soon be available digitally as well on CD. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this project and helped in making it a very special release for us here at Spat! Records. Special thanks to Robb Earls for final sequencing and tweaking of the knobs, your efforts and involvement is most appreciated.

Nuclear War- Cloverbottom
Today- Actuals
Mental Block- The Ratz
Don't Care- The White Animals
Your Way- Factual
School's End- Young Grey Ruins
General Beat- Practical Stylists
Jesus Rides A U.F.O.- The Enemy
So Far Today- Shadow 15
The Shrubbery's Dead- Government Cheese
Eire- The Shakers
The Morning In Her- Raging Fire
Never Change- Dessau
Lost Horizon- The Movement
All The Time- Warm Dark Pocket
Three Poisons- Jet Black Factory
Backside- Walk The West
Yet- F.U.C.T.
Mother Truth- Clockhammer
Box- Alien In The Land Of Our Birth
Radiator- The Grinning Plowman
One The Fast Way- Word Uprising

December 2007

Yeah, it really happened. Cloverbottom played live at Springwater on December 19. In an event that was both open to the public for free and a Christmas party for the Richard Ice Building Group, Cloverbottom, along with SpiritDog and Ghettobilly, rocked all night long. Several irate Cloverbottom fans have been in touch to let us know we didn’t do a good job of getting the word out. All we can do is say “Sorry”, and promise you that now that we’ve got one under our belt, the next time we play (which could happen sooner than later) we’ll let the whole world know.

August 2007

You can now order Cloverbottom logo merchandise online at .

We’ve got a new myspace url. . We’re grateful to myspace for getting rid of the child molester who’d been using this and allowing us to make the change. There are still a few bad links on the myspace site after the change but they assure us those will be fixed. Patience Grasshopper.

Here’s some news from the Spat! Records folks lifted from myspace:

Just a quick update to let you know what is happening with the Spat! Records Return to Elliston Square project. We are still planning for a release date somewhere around mid September. The Rev. Keith A. Gordon will be contributing to the project by supplying liner notes for the cd. For anyone not familiar with his work, he wrote extensively about many of the bands involved in this project and was an intricate part of the 80's Nashville music scene. He is currently an accomplished writer and is working on his new book titled, "The Other Side of Nashville" documenting the work of Rock bands from the Nashville area spanning the years 1976-2006.

Several artists have reserved their slot for the project including the following:

The Movement
The Young Nashvillians
Shadow 15
Raging Fire
Practical Stylists
The White Animals
The Enemy
The Ratz
Jet Black Factory
Government Cheese
Walk The West
The Shakers
The Grinning Plowman
Alien in the Land of our Birth

We are also still planning a show featuring some of these artists at The End to promote the release. We will keep you posted on who will be performing for this special event which will take place early/mid October.

July 2007


We had to add the “rocks” because the simpler cloverbottom url is already in use by some gay Asian child molester with Downs Syndrome.

June 2007

News or rumor? Only time will tell. Nashville based Spat Records has approached Cloverbottom about the inclusion of some early previously available only on vinyl material on a new Nashville 80's compilation. A partial list of other rumored participants reads like a Nashville alternative Who's Who and includes Factual, Practical Stylists, Jet Black Factory, Shadow 15, The Shakers, The Enemy, F.U.C.T., Grinning Plowman, and Dessau. Spat Records principal AJ Schaefer is excited about the project and plans a fall release. There's even discussion of a show at The End, with the concept of "Return to Elliston Square". For those of you familiar with the venue, but not its history, that was its name in the 80's. Makes me think of a line on an old Cloverbottom flier... "Club Owner Worried!" It's okay Bruce, we'll behave.


April 2007

John Elliott wants you! Visit him and listen to tunes at

February 2007

Bryan’s got his own blog at For the past year he’s been building his own studio and keeping up with his progress has made for some interesting reading. Sounds like he’s now open for business, and you can learn more at

December 2006

On Saturday the 16th Rock and Johnny play with Ghettobilly, featuring Sonny Ribeye on vocals and Richard Ice on drums, at a Christmas party for the Richard Ice Building Group. Learn more about Ghettobilly at