The website is going to be an ongoing project, and as it develops so will this “History” page. For now you get two things. First is a short, incomplete list of key early players. If you see their names elsewhere on the site now you’ll know why. Second, you get links to stories by or about the band.

The Players

In Alphabetical order…

Rob Callahan – drums – for the first two gigs anyway.

Rick Champion a.k.a. The Cube – manager, friend, motivator, the man who made Phranks-N-Steins what it was. And that was only the beginning.

Jim Christopher – guitars, keyboards, vocals

Vicki Christopher a.k.a. Kiki Silva - vocals

John Elliott a.k.a. El Taco – drums and a driving force in those early months. The pseudonym didn’t last long, but some folks called him El before then, and some still do.

John Milillo a.k.a. Johnny Hollywood – bass guitar, occasional six string guitar and keyboards, vocals – from the beginning till now.

Larry Partin a.k.a. L.P. – guitars, vocals – early guitarist and cofounder

Bryan Talbot a.k.a. Bryan D’Beane – drums (all kinds), vocals, occasional keys and engineering. He’s played more gigs with the band than anybody but Rock and Johnny.

Barry Williams a.k.a. Rock Strata – guitars, vocals, occasional other instruments, and in the later years, master of technology – from the beginning till now.

The Stories

Just click on the link

Brian Reminisces - As told to Rev. Keith A. Gordon sometime in 2006.