Bye-Bye Phranks

Cloverbottom played the last show ever at Phrank-N-Steins on Sunday, November 30, 1980. Jap Sneakers opened. Tom Holzemer of U.S.R. joined Cloverbottom that night on the last song played in the club, a kick-ass version of the Who’s “Long Live Rock”. The decision to shut ‘er down had been made, and it wasn’t going to change. The closest thing I can compare it to is the feeling you get when you have to move out of an apartment or house you’ve called home for a while. Everything had to be out of the club that night (or early Monday morning). We were there all night helping Rick empty the place and cleaning up enough to keep the landlord happy. I’ve still got a pitcher. Sometime the next day we met back at the club for one last walk through and to help Rick with a few odds and ends. Then Rick locked the door and we walked away. Before driving off I snapped these shots of the side of the club. The entrance was on the bottom right as you look at the photos (under the open door in the first picture). You had to go down the stairs and hang a left into the club. And that’s Rick, walking away from Phrank-N-Steins for the very last time.

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