We played at Springwater this past Wednesday and it was great! Ghettobilly and SpiritDog, the other two bands on the bill, did an admirable job of getting the word out. The place was full all night and everybody seemed to have a great time. As far as playing for the first time in twenty years, we were ON! The set list was:

Anarchy In Music City
Unpinpointable Frustration
Perfect Life
Queens And Bitches
My Dad
Mile High Rider
Match Game Theme
Good Time Jesus
Life Is A Game
Cottage Cheeseheads
Nuclear War

We’ve been preparing for the Spat! Records project, and kind of approached this show as a warm up. We’ll do a better job of letting people know we’re gonna play next time, now that we know we can still rock your socks off.
Lots of friends, old and new, showed up. We were especially honored to have three members of my favorite funk band JonesWorld right up front all night - Saxophonist extraordinaire Yoda Jones and dancers Slinky and Luscious.
And man, the wildest thing happened. We met a couple who saw us at Phrank’s 28 years ago, bought our ep and shared their first kiss that night, got married, and are still together! And they brought the Anarchy ep for us to sign. May be the best Cloverbottom story ever.
Rock and I also play in Ghettobilly, and those two sets were also tremendous. It was the first time front man/lyricist Sonny Ribeye has ever gotten up and sung in front of people and he did a great job. Check out the myspace page and remember the name.
SpiritDog was also great. Great original material and a couple of cover choices that took balls. Great to see those Walk The West guys still doin’ it. SpiritDog has a myspace page too.