6-16-07 sometime around 1:30 am Sat.

Just got back from The Rutledge after an evening with The Jones a.k.a. JonesWorld,the finest funk ensemble Nashville has to offer. These days so much music just sucks because it isn’t any fun. Now JonesWorld…there’s nothing new or alternative or rebellious or trendy about ‘em, but going to their shows is just always a blast. If you can’t appreciate some P-Funk or Sly or Time under the influence of a couple of beers, stay away. But if you just wanna grin and groove, check ‘em out! The Glitter Chix alone are worth the price of admission.

I’d previously said I was thinking about adding a Stories feature to the Pictures page. Well, it’s been added, but to the History page. The first contribution is from Bryan, so if you haven’t read it yet do so.

The Spat Records project is looking more and more like a reality rather than a rumor. I think the ultimate success of the project will depend on the participants more so than Spat. It’s a pretty major undertaking and I hope all the bands will cooperate and do what they can to make it a smooth venture for A.J.