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Friday 7-3-08

Okay, I’m tired of hearing that I haven’t written anything in months so it’s time to catch up a little bit.
Cloverbottom played at Springwater on April 11 with Ghettobilly, Dirty Works (from Knoxville) and The Vivs (from Chattanooga). What a night!!! The show was not well attended, but all the bands sounded great, and the way we all got along and partied well into the morning made it one of those gigs to remember. Turns out that some members of The Vivs played in a band called Hank like a million years ago in the eighties, and they actually stayed at the house where Rock and I were living on Beechwood once when they played Cantrell’s. I’ve got a cassette of that show somewhere. Dirty Works were so cool, and their CD “Biscuits And Liquor” is one to own.
On April 26th Ghettobilly and Cloverbottom invaded The Commodore, located at the beautiful Holiday Inn on West End, across the street from Springwater. There were a lot of Ghettobilly fans there and many of them stayed for the Cloverbottom portion of the evening. Unfortunately it was not one our better sets. Had a few technical problems and individual performances were not necessarily up to snuff. We didn’t have the chance to rehearse for this show either, and it was the first time we’d played together since Springwater…just two weeks I know, but to say we were rusty would be kind. After the show I headed to The Limelight (or is that Limelite) to see Jonesworld, from there me and L.J. went to 12th & Porter to listen to The Addiction (formerly Groove Addiction), then back to Limelight to finish the night. Thanks L.J., we’ll have to do it again soon.
On June 7th we played up in Greenbrier at a place called Loudhouse Coffee. That’s right, a coffee shop. But it’s also a recording studio and a great listening room and gathering spot for people of all ages. We shared the bill with Losers Beat Winners and Paradise Daze.
On June 28 it was the big “Return To Elliston Square” show at the Exit-In. The final night of the multi-day fest “Big Bad Nashville”, it was one of those nights that make it all worth doing. We played first, then Royal Court Of China, The Bunnies, and Walk The West closed the evening. Eighties bands and eighties fans turned it into a true reunion. We did an 11 song set: Battery, #17, Perfect Life, Ears Ain’t Easy, My Dad, Unpinpointable Frustration, Mile High Rider, Good Time Jesus, Cottage Cheeseheads, Life Is A Game, Nuclear War. We were gonna do Anarchy In Music City for an encore if we got one, but didn’t. Probably should have taken one, but just waited too long. Rumor has it that Spat! Records wants to release some of the show on CD and I-Tunes. We’ll see.
Oh yeah, we’ve since found out that we’re banned from The Commodore. Seems our language, volume, and original material were not up to Holiday Inn Lounge standards.
Unrequited love sucks.


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We played at Springwater this past Wednesday and it was great! Ghettobilly and SpiritDog, the other two bands on the bill, did an admirable job of getting the word out. The place was full all night and everybody seemed to have a great time. As far as playing for the first time in twenty years, we were ON! The set list was:

Anarchy In Music City
Unpinpointable Frustration
Perfect Life
Queens And Bitches
My Dad
Mile High Rider
Match Game Theme
Good Time Jesus
Life Is A Game
Cottage Cheeseheads
Nuclear War

We’ve been preparing for the Spat! Records project, and kind of approached this show as a warm up. We’ll do a better job of letting people know we’re gonna play next time, now that we know we can still rock your socks off.
Lots of friends, old and new, showed up. We were especially honored to have three members of my favorite funk band JonesWorld right up front all night - Saxophonist extraordinaire Yoda Jones and dancers Slinky and Luscious.
And man, the wildest thing happened. We met a couple who saw us at Phrank’s 28 years ago, bought our ep and shared their first kiss that night, got married, and are still together! And they brought the Anarchy ep for us to sign. May be the best Cloverbottom story ever.
Rock and I also play in Ghettobilly, and those two sets were also tremendous. It was the first time front man/lyricist Sonny Ribeye has ever gotten up and sung in front of people and he did a great job. Check out the myspace page and remember the name.
SpiritDog was also great. Great original material and a couple of cover choices that took balls. Great to see those Walk The West guys still doin’ it. SpiritDog has a myspace page too.


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Cloverbottom Rocks!!!
Rock, Bryan, and I have been practicing, and it sounds good.
Loud, sweaty, fast practicing. For now you can expect to hear seven old originals: Anarchy In Music City, Life Is A Game, Cottage Cheeseheads, Nuclear War, Battery, Good Time Jesus, and Mile High Rider. We should have these seven down good enough in short order, and will then start adding to the set one song at a time. We still don’t have any specifics on the Return To Elliston Square show at The End, like when or who else or how long a set or anything like that. We’ll be ready regardless. And if for some reason it doesn’t happen, we’ll play somewhere…not putting in this practice time for nuthin’!


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6-16-07 sometime around 1:30 am Sat.

Just got back from The Rutledge after an evening with The Jones a.k.a. JonesWorld,the finest funk ensemble Nashville has to offer. These days so much music just sucks because it isn’t any fun. Now JonesWorld…there’s nothing new or alternative or rebellious or trendy about ‘em, but going to their shows is just always a blast. If you can’t appreciate some P-Funk or Sly or Time under the influence of a couple of beers, stay away. But if you just wanna grin and groove, check ‘em out! The Glitter Chix alone are worth the price of admission.

I’d previously said I was thinking about adding a Stories feature to the Pictures page. Well, it’s been added, but to the History page. The first contribution is from Bryan, so if you haven’t read it yet do so.

The Spat Records project is looking more and more like a reality rather than a rumor. I think the ultimate success of the project will depend on the participants more so than Spat. It’s a pretty major undertaking and I hope all the bands will cooperate and do what they can to make it a smooth venture for A.J.


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Response from both Bryan and El has been positive. Discussing with both of them details of things that in some cases happened over 25 years ago has been fun. Bryan has contributed a story that will soon find its way on the site. Rock has turned over a box of memorabilia that I’ve yet to go through too closely. Cursory exam shows that some classic old slides are included. He’s also come up with some tapes from ’90-’91 that are studio versions of originals.

The search engines seem to be working. You can now search Google, Dogpile, AltaVista, Yahoo, etc. for Cloverbottom and this site generally shows up in the top ten results.

Visit Wally Bang’s “Soulfish Stew” at http://wallybangs.blogspot.com/.


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Today marks the first time that there's something to look at on every page of the site. Time to submit it to search engines so folks might actually stumble across it. It's been fun getting it this far. I had to quit working on it from August til January when my computer died, but since then it's been coming together at a pretty good pace. I look forward to some feedback. Especially curious to see what bandmates think since other than Rock I haven't mentioned it to anyone.
I have showed it to a few folks at work and would like to address some issues they have raised.
The Home page - For those of you who can't tell, that's not a picture of a six-piece Cloverbottom. It's two different shots of the two most important line-ups. But since people familiar with the band will know that, making it more obvious will be a low priority. Might also play with menu placement so you don't have to scroll down to see it.
"If I have a story to tell, where do I tell it?" - For now you have two good choices and one bad one. You can reply to a post on this blog. I don't care if it's "off topic" or not. You can go to the "Contact" page and send us an email. If I like what I read I'll find a way to include it on the site. I'm thinking about changing the Pictures page to "Pictures & Stories". The last and worst way way would be to go to the Guestbook and tell it there. But if you do that it really has to be brief 'cause there's a limit on length of Guestbook entries.
"Can I really download the songs on the "Sounds" page?" - For now, but don't tell anyone, it's a secret.

02/19/07: Special Thanks

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Before I start rambling, I want to thank a couple of folks.
First, my sister Stephanie. She’s the webmaster here at cloverbottom.net, and without her it wouldn’t exist. She’s been telling me for years that she’d help me with a website, and when I made the decision last year to finally do a Cloverbottom site she stepped right up with a lot of patience and hard work to make it a reality. Grazie Stephanie!
Second, I’d like to thank R. Stevie Moore. I’ve never met him but certainly hope to some day. For those of you who aren’t familiar with him, he’s a prolific, free thinking musician/songwriter/artist currently residing in New Jersey. For years he kept a copy of the August, 1980 Tennessean article, complete with picture, available on his website (www.rsteviemoore.com). Without him Cloverbottom might never have had a web presence. Whenever people would ask me about the band I’d tell them to do a Google search for Cloverbottom and his page featuring us was always at the top of the results list. It might not be there any more, but it was for s-o-o-o-o long. Thank you, Mr. Moore!