The 8x10s

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This was the first official Cloverbottom 8x10. It was taken on the loading dock of the old Gusto Records building at 220 Boscobel Street in Nashville. (That location is currently pavement in the “B” parking lot of LP Field, formerly Adelphia Coliseum, home of the Tennessee Titans). It was shot sometime mid to late September of ’79 by Kerry Cowell. Jim and Vicki had just left the band (after what some have called the single most disastrous Cloverbottom performance ever…but that’s another story to be told) and with El’s prodding we decided to really push the 3 piece line-up immediately. L. to R. El, Johnny, Rock

Bryan had replaced El on drums in early 1980, and by that spring The Nashville Gazette contacted us about being featured in a couple of articles on new Nashville music. We met their photographer at Phrank’s and this shot was taken in the alleyway between Phrank’s and The Vizcaya restaurant. These days that would be between St. Mary’s Bookstore and Valentino’s Ristorante. From the top – Johnny, Rock, Bryan



It was summer of 1987. With some serious nudging from Glen “John Dog” Hunter, the band decide to try a little harder to get a few gigs, and this picture was part of the new promo kit. Amy Perry was photographer. We were on the new Brightwood overpass over the new I-440, right before it opened. L. to R. Rock, Bryan, Johnny

Well, this isn’t really an 8x10, but it ought to be. It’s a combo of the first two and the logo. Originally designed for the home page of the website, we encourage people to use this if they’re covering Cloverbottom history and only want to use one shot.